piatok, 10. júla 2015

utorok, 24. marca 2015

sobota, 14. marca 2015

Crusader: No Remorse 20th aniversary

 20th aniversary of my favourite game.
1. Redesign of logo.
2. Designed a new doors /inspired by paul pepera/
3. Explosions were in game legendary and sexy.


streda, 26. februára 2014

Biplane arcade

I'm prototyping a mobile arcade flying game.

sobota, 7. septembra 2013

Deus Ex Lab

Personal project

This image based on Deus Ex concept.
3ds max, Vray, Photoshop

high res

pondelok, 15. apríla 2013

LASVIT Michael Young Lamps

visuals for Milan design week 2013

utorok, 18. decembra 2012